What is Coworking?

Coworking is a membership club that brings people together who share the need for a place to conduct their business in an interactive space.

Where are you located?

Link Coworking is located at 2700 West Anderson Lane Ste. 205.  Link Too is located straight across our amazing shared courtyard @ Ste. 305. Our newest space with offices called Link Flex is opening in May 2016 at 2301 West Anderson Lane, near the intersection with Burnet Road.

When are you open?

Link Coworking is open from 8am-6pm Monday through Friday.
A dedicated desk at Link Too gets you 24/7 access. Yep.

What should I bring to work at Link?

Bring exactly what you would bring if you were going to work from a coffee shop.  If you bring in, you should bring out.  We have locking storage solutions if you need it!

I want to check it out. What’s Next?

That’s easy. Schedule a tour OR give us a holler @ 737.529.6828.

Can I bring my dog? Kids? Cat?

Sorry the lease doesn’t allow dogs (I tried to add it in and failed).  Kids are not conducive to our work environment so please do not bring them to work.  We find that cats have attitudes too, so they should stay home as well.  We are looking for a mascot…perhaps a fish?

I talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?

No, our space operates on mutual respect.  If you have a conversation that turns private, feel free to take it outside to the beautiful shaded outdoors, or simply step into the phone booth! If you are on your phone all day non-stop however, Link Coworking may not be for you. We provide native union handsets to assist you in using your inside voice.

Can I use Link for my business address and mail?

Absolutely. Check our pricing page for details.

How do I become a member?

Set up a tour and we will take it from there!

What is the difference between Link One and Link Too?

Link Coworking is open plan Coworking space with meeting rooms and conference rooms. Link Coworking is always staffed and open 8-6 M-F. Link Too is open 24/7 with biometric readers.  Link Too has dedicated desks and private offices.

Do you offer discounts for multiple members from the same company?

No. Our rates were set super low so that we wouldn’t need to discount them.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We prefer ACH transfers but we will take any major credit card and add a 5% processing fee.

Should I wait until the 1st to join?

No, the day you start is the beginning of your month. No need to wait, come on in.

What is Link Flex and how is it different?

A new space with furnished, modern offices and beautiful common spaces, including a kitchen and hangout spot. Meeting rooms and mail services are options for members only. Offices for one and up to 12 people are available for a month-to-month rental agreement. Read More.