New year New me: How Cancer Changed Me

January 23, 2017

Last year I was diagnosed with the big C. Cancer. Good cancer. The kind that doesn’t require radiation or chemo and is 100% curable. I was cancer free by 1/3/17.  It did require lots of money, time, surgery, angst and headspace.

Now I sit in my space wondering what to do with this life.  Doing what I’ve always done isn’t acceptable.  


I’m no longer going to work towards losing weight.  I’m going to eat to nourish my body.   I’m going to move more to gain strength and flexibility.  I’m turning the TV off and the music on.  I’m learning to meditate. I’m going to continue to remember that I’m here to collect experiences not stuff.  I’m going to open my heart up.


I’m going to take more risks. I’m going to say yes to things that scare me and no to things that bore me or don’t help me grow.  I’m going to stop worrying about the rat race, because I left that race a long time ago.  The only person I’m in competition with is myself.

This year feels new in a way a new year has never felt.  Maybe I’m getting older and wiser but I doubt it.  Instead I just learned that everyday is a really gift and I don’t treat enough of them as such….
Happy New Year- Liz

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