Do you need a reset? Personally, professionally or both?

July 7, 2017

Its only Tuesday and you have hit the metaphorical wall. The wall that you are use to seeing on Friday afternoon at 5:30 right before you throw in the towel for the weekend. The wall that signifies that you are mentally and physically checked out.  The wall that seems ever present lately- you need a change. Whether this is personally or professionally, its time to press the reset button and start again, but how do you do this without running halfway across the world to “find yourself”?

Change your perspective.

While vacation time maybe a luxury you don’t have on hand at the moment, try changing where you carry out your daily activities. Do you drink you coffee at the kitchen table while the rest of the family is rushing off to school and their chaos is transferring to you? Move to the patio. Not only will the fresh air do you some good- the scenery change will trigger a different part of your mind. Feeling restricted by your cubicle? Ask to work remotely for a day, maybe check out a shared workspace.

Change your timing.

Creature of habit? Type A? Enter office, check email, drink second cup of coffee, daily check in with your team and so on. Sound Familiar? Switch it up! I know it sounds crazy but disrupt your routine (read: rut). Perform your daily activities backwards, if that turns your schedule into a logistical nightmare, just switch up the order, throw in an extra lap around the office. I know you are thinking “but what im doing works best for me” but let me tell you, if you are seeing that wall daily… it’s no longer working.

Find some inspiration.

Do you love what you do but are feeling stale? Is your family in a rut that you cant seem to get out of? Break free by breaking out of your comfort zone. There are tons of free activities that you can do to disturb the montany- try a cycling class, picnic in the park, or read a blog about something that you are passionate about. Reflect on what it is that makes you love what you do in the first place.


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