Sharon V. Munroe

August 10, 2015

Member Since 10/12/2010
Company Name NGrowthMode
Phone 512.297.7798


An experienced business and marketing strategy and custom market research consultant with extensive project management experience who leverages a background in strategy, outreach, marcom and entrepreneurship. Now consulting with dynamic clients in her own firm, NGrowthMode (pronounced In-Growth-Mode) and as a Content Strategist and Copywriter for agencies.
In 2012, she developed The Advanced Maternal Age Project (, which conducts research and facilitates storytelling on the growing trend of older motherhood. This has been well received by women, healthcare professionals, and the media. It’s a registered nonprofit corporation with 501(c)(3) status.

She was a Link Coworking member from 2010-2014 and returned in late June 2015.

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