5 Things I’ve Learned as a Link Intern

August 1, 2017

For the past 5 months, I’ve been an intern at Link Coworking. As my summer comes to an end and I head back to school at UT, I thought about some of the things I’ve learned during my time at Link:

1. Austin is a great place to work, even remotely.

Austin is my favorite city.  To have the opportunity to work so close to downtown, and to interact with Linksters who have such diverse careers, makes me happy that I chose to spend my summer at Link.

2. Link offers a unique coworking space.

Liz designed an awesome space for people to work. The location, amenities, and space gives members truly a great place to work.

3. The coffee is better than Starbucks.

The worst thing about my internship is that I am now hooked on coffee. Why work in a coffee shop when you can have the greatest complimentary coffee here?

4. The human connection is also better than Starbucks!

Linksters are awesome; what else is there to say? The people I’ve met here are friendly, interesting, and thoroughly enjoy what they do. That’s the best thing about coworking: passionate people from a spectrum of careers all working in one space.  

5. People actually get their work done.

Whether members leave midday to go to the gym, or take a lunch break and sit in the courtyard, I’ve noticed that people are more productive than they would be in a regular office setting. I for sure get more work done here than I can get done at UT’s library.

At the beginning of my internship, I had no idea what coworking was. Now, I advocate for it.  I could see myself coworking in the future and will definitely head to Link if I need to get some work done!


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