Dear Amazon,

April 13, 2017

Don’t send them home, alone, send them to coworking spaces…

You’ve all heard it or read it, the vast majority of corporate employees are disengaged and unmotivated.

I remember back when I worked for Dell and wanted to send an employee home to work. It was one of the first requests in the entire company (circa 2004) and it had to go to Michael’s (yes, Dell) board for approval. The remote employee had to drive from Houston to Austin for monthly meetings because no one could fathom that she would stay engaged while not at the mother ship in Round Rock, TX. I had to agree to let her go if she didn’t perform or our numbers dropped at all. It was fine and she stayed remote for years and we kicked ass.

I also was a remote account executive but I was desperate for a more social place to work than my basement. I would submit that the vast majority of humans are social creatures and need human interaction to thrive. Isn’t solitary pretty much the worst thing you can do to a human besides kill them? Why would you send people home to work? Home should be their haven not their workplace. Home is full of distractions and emotional baggage not to mention laundry, kids, barking dogs, spouses and a refrigerator!

Coworking spaces are designed for productivity. Operators think about things like screen glare, lighting, wellness and ergonomics. We have space for introverts and space for extroverts. We have meeting rooms that will inspire and impress. We have extra cords, envelopes, snacks and free coffee. Best of all, we have humans. Here are a few statistics about people that work in coworking spaces:

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