Be a Fountain, Not a Drain.

February 19, 2018

I surprised myself last spring and signed up for a welding class at our local art school. Before the class met for the first time, I had decided that this was a really bad decision. My plan was to go to the first class, and then go directly over to the administrative office and cancel the welding class. When the teacher went through the SAFETY procedures of operating the MIG welder without turning it into a homemade RPG, canceling seemed to be a wise decision. Then, an amazing thing happened – I convinced myself to be open to changing my mind. After talking to the teacher after class, I decided to stay enrolled.

The next class period, I came prepared. I bought coffee for everybody, introduced myself, and shared my notes from the first class with those that wanted a copy. Suddenly, the welding class became fun! At the third session, I invited everyone over to my backyard for a beer/refreshment. I have learned through my time at Link, that when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try to connect with others, most people will respond favorably.

By the end, I still sucked at welding; I was definitely the worst student in the class. It didn’t matter because, I made some new friends, that call themselves the “Buds of Steel”. Some of us joined HackerSpace, a coworking space for nerdy, techy builders.  I followed my new friends but gave up welding, and drew some pictures of the space, instead.

There is a saying that has always helped me when my attitude goes sideways:

“Be a Fountain, Not a Drain”.

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