Your perfect cup of coffee. Minus the Starbucks. Oh, and crowds.

Link Coworking came about in a way that many businesses do—a need arose in the market and no one was meeting that need. Liz Elam spent 14 years working for Dell inc, and managed a highly successful and profitable multi-million dollar business from her home office. She often found herself jockeying for cord position at Starbucks, speaking in hushed tones and looking over her shoulder. If not at a coffee shop she was renting expensive meeting space or working in relative isolation in her home. She had a need for a professional, welcoming space that provided meeting rooms, connectivity and most importantly, human interaction. Coworking is the term that caught on to describe these new innovative spaces.

Link offers open plan coworking, small meeting room spaces, conference room rentals, two options for office space, dedicated desk space and event space.

Liz Elam

What kind of stuff happens in a shared environment?



The Universe wants you to succeed. So do we. Shared success is good for the community and coworkers know that. You will learn that if you don’t know it already. Try it you’ll love it.



You know a guy that knows a guy who needs something done? Coworkers know that guy. Skip the six degrees and share resources directly within the community.

Brilliant Ideas


It’s not magic. Well, come to think of it, yes it is. Coworkers call this serendipity, and from our experience, when we Cowork, great ideas spontaneously emerge.



Connected: To bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established. We’re not talking wise-guys here. We’re talking get crap done. Together.

Why should you choose Link? What makes us different?

Link Coworking is a grown-up space for grown-up folks. There are many reasons to work in a shared environment, and that many more for why you should choose Link as the place to cowork. Link Coworking and Link Too were built from the ground up, literally, with coworking as our sole focus.


If working from a coffee shop has you bummed out, if you are just too damn unproductive from working at home, or if you are tired of that tired spot you are working from now, schedule a tour with us today and come home to Link.

  • Fast internet access, connectivity and power at every seat in an energized common working area
  • Private places to work and meet available
  • Comfortable & professional work environment
  • Phone booth privacy
  • Free beverages & snacks
  • Mailbox services
  • Awesome people to work around
  • Super-charged productivity
My personal productivity alone has exploded 2-3X, but If you factor in the various projects I’ve been able to get kick-started with connections I’ve met at or through Link, the overall value-add is simply immeasurable.
Jakes Srinivasanlinkster